Traveler Information Display User Feedback Survey Report

Redmon Group Transit Display

Redmon Group, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Iteris, solicited a user feedback survey to evaluate the six Traveler Information Displays (TIDs) at Tysons Corner Center. Online and hard copy surveys were deployed on Friday, April 21 and closed on Monday, May 15.

Overall, the survey results indicate overwhelming support for real-time traffic and transit information from travelers in Tysons Corner. The key takeaways from the survey results are:

  • Travelers want real-time information at many locations and especially close to where they access their preferred travel mode. VDOT and Macerich are recommended to consider expanding the displays to more areas of the mall.
  • Travelers describe the TIDs as "useful","accurate","reliable" and "valuable". VDOT is recommended to maintain the display contents and keep up with the technology to provide the most up-to-date information customers need (e.g. replace schedule data with real-time data when available, provide a mobile companion, etc.).
  • Real-time traveler information impacts decision-making on when to depart. Information on TIDs can influence traveler to remain on-site longer, providing more opportunities to visit retailers. VDOT is recommended to use the display as a tool for influencing travelers at large employment, transit, and retail locations.
  • Travelers indicated use of both traffic and transit information provided on the TIDs. It is recommended that VDOT maintain the balance between both transit and traffic information to serve a broader customer base.

Download the full report.

Winners of the drawing have been selected. Thanks to all who submitted feedback.

See Metrorail, bus, and bikeshare information, traffic, and alerts at these locations in Tysons Corner Center:

Redmon Group Transit Display