Real-time Transit Arrival Info

Transit Display helps people find nearby transit options and information quickly. It combines real-time transit arrival information, news, media, advertisements, announcements, bike and car share availability into one, beautifully designed and readable display.

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Where it goes

Indoors, outdoors, at transit stations, lobbies, shopping centers, even on board a bus. Redmon Group will help you place your Transit Display anywhere.

Digital Signage Brochures for Indoors and Outdoors

How it works

Transit Displays are computer-driven with Redmon software. The customizable software delivers real-time information and content on-the-go. Each content item is like a puzzle-piece of info that can be moved or modified on the display. Your data is fed to Redmon’s software via the internet along with your custom design and that’s it, you have a Transit Display!

Screenshot of a Redmon digital signage Transit Display
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Info on the go

Our responsive, web-based Mobile Companion lets you take Transit Display wherever you go, giving you transit information whenever you want, wherever you are.


We are your one-stop-shop to create, install, and maintain a Transit Display. We help you choose hardware and we will install and configure your Transit Display. Redmon technicians monitor the display's system status day and night. Our system offers ADA Compliant options, so everyone may benefit from a Transit Display.

Photo of a technician monitoring a series of displays that show the Redmon digital signage content management system

How do I get a Transit Display?

Ready to get multimodal information and real-time arrivals in your space? Get in touch and let’s get started creating your Transit Display!

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Photo of a Redmon digital signage Transit Display kiosk in an office lobby Redmon Group Transit Display